Norwood and Kent Town DPA approved 10-storey

Our Council's Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee has approved new planning rules to govern future development in Norwood and Kent Town. At a meeting on 22 July the Committee voted in these changes. Six councillors were absent from the meeting, which is surprising, given the extent of the planning changes proposed.

No changes to building heights were adopted despite residents' concerns about the proposed heights. Seven storey buildings will be allowed on The Parade. 10-storey flats will be allowed to be built on North Terrace Kent Town, which is the southern side of North Terrace between the Maid and Magpie Hotel and the Parklands. 10-storey flats will also be allowed to be built on Dequetteville Terrace. Planning staff advised the committee that these heights should not unduly impact nearby residential areas.

Only 33 submissions were made to the draft Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Growth Development Plan Amendment. Still it is disappointing that Council has not chosen to scale back the height of the buildings proposed to be allowed. The Burnside Council, by contrast, has opposed the State government's push for 10-storey flats for Greenhill and Fullarton Roads and wants 6-storey flats instead.

The Kent Town and The Parade DPA will now go to the Minister for Planning John Rau for final approval.

Residents concerned about multi-storey flats proposed to be allowed under the draft Residential Development (Zones and Policy Areas) Development Plan Amendment, covering the areas of the former St. Peters Council and the former Payneham Council, should be alerted to this decision and prepare for what may lie ahead.