Content classified as an issue is typically about a key issue of concern to the SPRA. Some examples of issues are Bell's Plumber's Shop, Linde Reserve, Avenues Shopping Centre.

Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre - Deputation to Council

This deputation is made as a result of the decision made by Council in December 2023 to proceed with the Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre in spite of the cost being three times what was expected in 2022, and the effect this will have on the future Council finances.

In 2022 & earlier the pool cost was expected to be about $20m.

In the 2023/4 budget a figure of $24m was used although it was expected that tenders would be in the order of $30m.

We spoke to this when we addressed Council prior to last year’s budget.

The $60m cost is double that of the similar facilities currently being built at Salisbury.

Tree of the Year Competition 2024

It has been suggested that SPRA should enter a local tree in the 2024 SA Tree of the Year Contest.

The organisers of the competition, 20 Metre Trees (facebook), will open nominations soon.

Do you know of a local tree that should be entered? If so, please contact Evonne Moore and tell her why this tree is important to you. A story and photo will help in the application process. SPRA can assist with this.

Name List

ABELSON Coleman Private 2026 East Adelaide, South Australia Mother, Mrs Sophia Abelson, 9 Torrens Street, East Adelaide KIA 31/01/1917 30 43rd Battalion
AMBER Archibald Private 3187 25 Phyllis Street, Maylands, South Australia

Save Rymill Park Picnic Rally

On Sunday 31st May from 12pm - 2pm, a picnic will be held in Rymill Park in protest over the government's plans to build a 6 lan dual carriage way diagonally through Rymill Park.

It will be a bring-your-own picnic, but it is planned that there will be a sausage sizzle, live music and some key speeches from some high profile people such as Lord Mayor Martin Haese and Senator Nick Xenophon. The event is intended as a picnic / protest event that should be an enjoyable, fun-filled community event in it's own right.

Please refer to the flyer for more information. The Residents set to rally against O-Bahn project at Rymill Park article in the Sunday Mail provides more information on concerns.

State Heritage Nomination for Women's Centre at Stepney

The Women's Centre at Stepney has been nominated for the State Heritage List. If successful, this would give this historic cottage and the work of generations of women in it protection from future destruction. It was only a few years back when our Council voted to knock the Women's Centre down. Thankfully this decision was reversed after a huge community back-lash. Submissions on this nomination can be made to the State Heritage Committee up until 30th of October.

Integrated Transport & Land Use Strategy

Planning Minister John Rau has announced that an online survey is currently being conducted to provide initial public input on the Government’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy, a draft of which will be released for broader consultation in September. The online survey asks South Australians to consider issues of sustainability, liveability and prosperity in regard to a range of transport and land use issues, and includes discussion of public transport, pedestrian movements and land use planning.