Respond to Development Plan

The St Peters Residents' Association encourages everyone to make a submission in response to the development plan. Public consultation has been extended until the 1st March 2013.

The council website explains how to make a submission. This is a summary of the information:
Submissions should be clearly marked ‘Residential Development (Zones and Policy Areas) DPA’ and sent to:
The Chief Executive Officer
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

We encourage you to indicate on your submission that you wish to be heard at the public meeting on Tuesday 5 March 2013, at 7pm, to be held in the Don Pyatt Hall, Norwood Town Hall, 175 The Parade, Norwood. Indicating that you wish to speak does not mean that you are required to speak, but it does mean that you can nominate a representative to speak on your behalf.

It is suggested that in addition to sending your submission to the CEO, that you also send a copy to the Elected Members:
"Robert Bria" <>
"Garry Knoblauch" <>
"John Frogley" <>
"John Minney" <>
"Carlo Dottore" <>
"Isaac Pasalidis" <>
"Kevin Duke" <>
"Sue Whitington" <>
"Paul Wormald" <>
"Lucy Marcucitti" <>
"Geoff Rundle" <>
"Sophia MacRae" <>
"Vincent Tarzia" <>
"Connie Granozio" <>

Please also task the time to visit or ring your elected members to express your views.

State Government
As explained in the Residential Development Plan Amendment on page 14:

the State Government has been introducing new Planning Reforms and updating its own strategic directions through a series of documents including the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (the Planning Strategy for Metropolitan Adelaide), the preparation of the Inner Metropolitan Rim Structure Plan, and the release of a new version of the South Australian Planning Policy Library (formerly referred to as the Better Development Plans Library). These changes to the legislation and strategic directions have influenced the timing and preparation of this Development Plan Amendment and have resulted in the need to review the earlier investigations undertaken by the Council to ensure that the proposed policy continues to align with the State Government’s current strategic objectives.

It is therefore important that the State Government is also made aware of any concerns that you may have with the proposals. This is a list of people that SPRA recommend you contact:
"John Rau (Minister for Planning)" <>
"Steven Marshall (Member for Norwood)" <>
"Kate Ellis (Federal Member for Adelaide)" <>
"Carman Garcia (Liberal Candiate for Adelaide)" <>

You may also wish to consider contacting Members of the Legislative Council.

St Peters Residents' Association
The SPRA has made a submission. We would appreciate it if you could also send a copy of your submission to us, so that we are aware of your views.
"SPRA" <>