WW2 Plaque Names

The grant application to add a plaque to the St Peters Heroes War Memorial with a list of men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in World War II has been successful.

Plans are underway to unveil the names on Remembrance Day 2024.

The Association is wanting to hear from anyone who knows of other men or women from the former St Peters Council area who died in WW2. The St Peters Council included the suburbs of Hackney, College Park, St Peters, Stepney, Maylands, and Evandale.

SPRA is also seeking any relatives of those named so that they can be invited to the Remembrance Day dedication ceremony.

So far, 94 men have been identified, and their details are in this table.
Please advise us if you can provide additional details or photos.

The Family Name links to the Virtual War Memorial, where additional details may be found.

Family Name Given Names Service Rank Date of Death Place of Death Fate Age Home Address
BARLOW David Arnold RAAF Flying Officer 21-April-1944 Belgium Flying Battle 20 49 Hackney Road HACKNEY
BERESFORD John Francis RAAF Sergeant 28-March-1943 Nathanya, Palestine. Accident 22 34 Walkerville Road (Stephen Tce) ST PETERS
BIGLANDS Reginald John RAAF Flight Sergeant 03-June-1942 North West Europe Flying Battle 28 58 First Ave ST PETERS
BIRRELL Walter Alfred AIF Private 01-May-1941 Libya KIA 25 44 Stepney Street STEPNEY
BLAND Gordon Leslie (DFC) RAAF Flying Officer 13-November-1944 6 RAAF Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria, Illness 27 Augusta Street MAYLANDS
BOWEN Eric Whitridge AIF Private 04-April-1944 Queensland Australia Vehicle accident 29 44 Augusta Street MAYLANDS
BOYD Ronald Howard RAAF Warrant Officer 04-May-1944 France Flying Battle 32 35 Hackney Road HACKNEY
BROWN Joseph Laurance AIF Private 06-May-1941 Libya KIA 22 5 Osborne Street HACKNEY
BURKE Malcolm Gilford AIF Private 31-December-1942 Papua DoW 28 21 Henry Street STEPNEY
BURROWES Douglas James RAN Able Seaman 20-November-1941 Indian Ocean KIA 21 17 Union Street STEPNEY
CALVESBERT John Frederick RAAF Flight Sergeant 08-June-1945 Claydon, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Accidental 21 12 Torrens Street COLLEGE PARK
CHANDLER Donald Bertram AIF Private 20-January-1943 Papua KIA 20 37 Nelson Street STEPNEY
CHENOWETH Arthur Henry AIF Private 09-April-1944 Hainan Island, China Presumed 24 9a Eighth Ave ST PETERS
CHRISTERSON John William Theodor AIF Private 01-May-1941 Libya KIA 27 6 Stepney Street STEPNEY
CLARK Charles Murray AIF Acting Corporal 02-October-1943 Burma Illness 27 55 Fifth Ave (later 102 Fourth Ave) ST PETERS
CLIFF Thomas Miners AIF Private 04-August-1941 Libya DoW 22 106 Frederick Street MAYLANDS
COX John Acton AIF Private 31-October-1942 Egypt KIA 35 10 Mayfair Street MAYLANDS
DADDS Lincoln Clapcott RAAF Flying Officer 12-June-1944 Bay of Biscay UK Flying Battle 26 76 First Ave ST PETERS
DAVIS John Clifton RAAF Flying Officer 12-July-1943 New Guinea Flying Battle 21 12 College Street COLLEGE PARK
DIETMAN John Arthur RAAF Flight Sergeant 21-February-1944 England Flying Battle 19 3 Kildalton Ave (now the southern end if Llandower Ave) EVANDALE
DORAN Harold Lancelot AIF Private 15-April-1941 Greece DoW 30 Ann Street STEPNEY
DUMAS Charles John RAAF Flying Officer 10-August-1942 Middle East Flying Battle 23 189 Payneham Road ST PETERS
DUMAS Keith Russell RAAF Flying Officer 16-October-1944 Burma Flying Battle 24 189 Payneham Road ST PETERS
ECKERSLEY Cecil Gordon RAAF Flight Sergeant 30-December-1943 Isle of Man, UK Accidental 24 60A Fourth Ave ST POETERS
EDWARDS John Henry AIF Private 29-June-1945 Brunei Bay Area, Borneo KIA 21 37 First Ave ST PETERS
ELLIS John William Earle AIF Sergeant 24-June-1944 East China Sea, Pacific Ocean Died at sea 32 15 Sixth Ave ST PETERS
FERGUS James Henry AIF Lieutenant 24-September-1941 Libya KIA 33 1 Clinton Ave EVANDALE
FORMBY Richard Harper AIF Major 22-October-1944 Australia Illness 30 17 Marlborough Sreet COLLEGE PARK
FRANCIS Gordon Harold AIF Private 22-July-1942 Egypt KIA 32 40 Payneham Road STEPNEY
GLEESON Keith Allen AIF Private 01-May-1941 Libya KIA 23 96 Frederick Street MAYLANDS
HARDWICK Jack Wilfred AIF Private 22-December-1942 Papua KIA 23 21 Baliol Street COLLEGE PARK
HARE Arthur Ivan AIF Captain 01-November-1942 Egypt KIA 34 Athelney Ave HACKNEY
HARVEY James AIF Private 08-September-1942 Papua KIA 22 20 Frederick Street MALANDS
HASTE James Arthur RAAF Pilot Officer 31-March-1944 Belgium Flying Battle 21 177 Magill Road MAYLANDS
HOBBY Ernest Alfred RAAF Leading Aircraftman 20-April-1944 Bat Island PNG Illness 32 Ann Street STEPNEY
HOLLOWAY Robert Francis AIF Private 27-May-1941 Libya Injuries 18 16 Wellesley Ave ST PETERS (Evandale)
HOSKING Herbert Champion AIF Captain 01-July-1942 Near Luzon Philipines Lost at sea 47 7 Magill Rd STEPNEY
HUEY-WILLIAMS Anthony Frederick AIF Private 21-January-1943 Papua KIA 22 20 Frederick Street MAYLANDS
HUGHES Harold Eric RAAF Warrant Officer 11-May-1944 UK Accidental 23 67 Nelson Street STEPNEY
HUMPHRYS Reginald Barton AIF Private 03-August-1941 Libya KIA 21 20 Frederick Place ADELAIDE
HUNTER Ian Mcintyre RAAF Leading Aircraftman 28-July-1942 Parafield South Australia Accidental 23 77 First Ave St PETERS
HUNTER Samuel Leonard AIF Private 08-December-1943 Thailand Illness 29 17 Alexander Street EVANDALE
JONES Maurice William RAAF Flight Sergeant 03-December-1943 Germany Flying Battle 29 69 Second Ave ST PETERS
LAUNER Norman Jack AIF Lance Corporal 09-June-1945 Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Pacific Islands KIA 26 22 Wheaton Road (St Peters) EVANDALE
LOHMEYER Julius Alfred AIF Private 04-October-1943 Burma Illness 37 12 Morcomb Street MAYLANDS
MACNAMARA Frederick AIF Private 17-April-1941 Libyia KIA 27 33 Fifth Ave ST PETERS
MALCOLM Robert Haydon RAAF Flight Sergeant 18-April-1943 Feni, India Accidental 26 85 Fifth Ave JOSLIN
MARTIN Maxwell Francis John AIF Corporal 04-October-1943 Borneo Injuries 29 15 Cecil Street EVANDALE (Later 13 Belinda Street)
MATTHEWS Gordon Frederick AIF Acting Lance Bombardier 01-July-1942 South China Sea Died at sea (Montevideo Maru) 20 59 Magill Road STEPNEY
MATTHEWS Lionel Colin AIF Captain 02-March-1944 Borneo Executioin 31 59 Magill Road STEPNEY
McBRIDE Colin Ray AIF Lance Corporal 25-July-1942 Egypt DoW 23 7 Leslie Avenue EVANDALE
McCARTIN James Vivian Raymond RAAF Sergeant 20-June-1942 Nairn, Scotland, UK Accidental 28 6 Kildalton Ave (now south end of Llandower Ave) EVANDALE
McMULLIN Thomas Vincent AIF Private 31-October-1942 Egypt KIA 23 28 Wellington Road (now Portrush Rd) MAYLANDS
MILLS John Lake RAAF Sergeant 12-January-1942 Netherlands East Indies Flying battle 21 2 Cecil Mansions Rundle Street KENT TOWN
MITCHELL Ronald James AIF Private 22-June-1945 Borneo Illness 29 71 Eighth Ave ST PETERS
MONAGHAN Maxwell James AIF Private 16-July-1944 South Australia, Australia Illness (Tuberculosis) 20 8 Torrens Street COLLEGE PARK
MORGAN David Burford AIF Gunner 27-July-1941 Egypt Illness 35 3 Baliol Street COLLEGE PARK
MORRIS John Gilbert RAN Cadet Midshipman 15-January-1941 Murray Bridge Accidental fall 16 27 River Street ST PETERS
MULLER Rodney Elmore RAAF Leading Aircraftman 03-October-1940 Werribee, Victoria Accidental 25 11 Llandower Ave PAYNEHAM
NEVILLE Colin James AIF Private 10-May-1945 Tarakan, Borneo KIA 20 14 Lock Street STEPNEY
NITSCHKE Richard Hastings RAAF Pilot Officer 21-December-1941 Benghazi Flying Battle 26 "Vailima" Hackney Rd HSACHNEY
OPHEL Leonard Herbert RAAF Flying Officer 28-September-1942 New Guinea Flying Battle 26 65 Fifth Ave ST PETERS
PAINE Robert AIF Lieutenant 14-October-1943 New Guinea KIA 25 35 Seventh Ave ST PETERS
PARK Reid Gavin RAN Sub Lieutenant 16-March-1944 English Channel KIA 23 25 Adelaide Street MAYLANDS
PARKES Claude Keith AIF Corporal 08-December-1942 Papua DoW 31 15 Clifton Street MALVERN
PATTEN Norman Thomas RAN Wireman 01-March-1942 Sunda Strait, Netherlands East Indies KIA 24 26 Bakewell Rd (St Peters) EVANDALE
PEDERSON Percival Morton AIF Staff Sergeant 21-January-1945 Borneo Illness 42 101 Sixth Ave ST PETERS
PEEK Anthony Hayward Robert AIF Private 01-October-1943 New Guinea KIA 26 36 Ninth Ave ST PETERS
PLUMMER Charles Eric AIF Sergeant 26-October-1942 Egypt KIA 38 1 Trinity Street COLLEGE PARK
PRICE Gordon Harold AIF Private 03-August-1941 Libya KIA 20 34 Torrens Street ST PETERS (College Park)
QUINT Peter Brian Tyers RAAF Sergeant 06-October-1941 United Kingdom Flying Battle 24 1 Hackney Road HACKNEY
REID William Ross AIF Captain 31-October-1942 Egypt KIA 22 9 Magdelen Street COLLEGE PARK
REU Robert Garth RAAF Flight Sergeant 28-July-1943 Netherlands Flying Battle 20 1 Tenth Ave ST PETERS
ROBERTS Allan Edwin RAAF Leading Aircraftman 27-February-1947 South Australia, Australia Illness 36 9 Adelaide Street MAYLANDS
ROBERTSON James Henry RAAF Sergeant 14-September-1942 Williamtown, New South Wales, Australi Accidental 20 16 Clifton Street MAYLANDS
RYAN Henry Thomas AIF Signalman 19-April-1941 Greece KIA 39 11 Laura Street STEPNEY
SCHINTLER Lawrence Charles AIF Private 26-December-1942 Papua KIA 27 97 Sixth Ave ST PETERS
SCOTT Ian Macdonald RAAF Flight Sergeant 17-December-1943 Cambridge UK Flying Battle 20 20 Flora Street STEPNEY
SCUTT Tasman Arthur AIF Corporal 31-October-1942 Egypt KIA 26 69 Hackney Road HACKNEY & 15 Marlborough Street COLLEGE PARK
SEARCY Murice Roffe AIF Private 01-July-1942 South China Sea Died at sea (Montevideo Maru) 37 11 Pembroke Street COLLEGE PARK
SHILLABEER Bruce Leslie AIF Private 20-August-1945 Brunei Bay Area, Borneo KIA 20 14 Third Ave ST PETERS
SKINNER Garfield Lloyd RAAF Sergeant 10-March-1942 North West Europe Flying Battle 26 4 Bertram Street HACKNEY
SLATER Kenneth RAAF Pilot Officer 23-July-1942 Lake Eire, Canada Accidental 26 8 Seventh Ave ST PETERS
STOTT William RAAF Warrant Officer 04-October-1943 North Atlantic Ocean Flying Battle 33 79 Frederick Street MAYLANDS
TAYLOR Leslie Robert RAAF Leading Aircraftman 06-September-1940 Wagga Wagga NSW Accidental 29 30 Fifth Ave ST PETERS
TWISS William Willmott RAN Lieutenant 17-February-1945 Kola Inlet, Russia KIA 29 5 Marlborough Street COLLEGE PARK
WARE Tom AIF Sergeant 12-August-1941 Libya DoW 25 53 Phillis Street MAYLANDS
WAUCHOPE Archibald William RAAF Flight Sergeant 12-June-1944 Scotland UK Accidental 27 46 Nelson Street STEPNEY
WEEDEN Lionel Warwick RAAF Flight Sergeant 22-May-1944 Germany Flying Battle 28 18 Loch Street EVANDALE
WHITE Hawtrey Montague RAAF Leading Aircraftman 30-July-1941 Amberley, Ipswich, Queensland Accidental 20 56 Third Ave ST PETERS
WHITEHILL Maxwell Elliott RAAF Flight Sergeant 07-June-1942 Germany Flying Battle 29 18 Wellesley Ave EVANDALE
WILSON Thomas Forgan AIF Gunner 31-October-1942 Egypt KIA 40 70 Second Ave ST PETERS
WOOLLACOTT Thomas Henry Hillam AIF Private 20-January-1943 Papua KIA 34 64 Fourth Ave ST PETERS
ZIESING Francis George AIF Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 26-October-1942 Egypt DoW 24 1a Ninth Ave ST PETERS