Dunstan Grove - Linde Reserve Upgrade

We congratulate Council and Council staff for the excellent work they have done upgrading Dunstone Grove - Linde Reserve. Unfortunately several large trees had to be cut down to make way for the creek banks to be laid back. However the park now looks a treat with the new playground equipment, sculptures, tree and shrub plantings and new bridges over Second Creek. Cormorants, native ducks and Masked Plovers have been seen in or near the creek and frogs heard croaking in the creek bed, now that the concrete lining has been removed. The demolition of the old Scout Hall and Perriam Centre, while regretted by some of the older members of our community who were involved the early days of these buildings, has opened this reserve up and it now displays stunning vistas. The new Community Garden in the south-west corner is progressing well. The restored cottages at 64 and 66 Nelson Street, once threatened with demolition, look beautiful. We are pleased that the Women’s Centre and the Theatre for Disability are back in these buildings.