Liberal Leader to Address Residents About New Housing Development

"The local MP for Norwood and Leader of the Liberal Party Stephen Marshall will address local residents about housing development and quality of life issues at a general meeting of the St. Peters Residents Association," said Ms. Evonne Moore, spokeswoman for the Association.

"This is an issue which has created a storm of controversy in the past year as councils move to satisfy demands for thousands of new dwellings to be built in existing suburbs. These demands have emanated from the State government's 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, a document which was cobbled together with little consultation with the people who would be most affected by it.

"Residents in the most affected parts of the Norwood Payneham and St. Peters Council have protested loudly to the council that they do not want their garden suburbs turned into 4-5-storey tunnels of flats. Councillors have taken up residents' concerns. But where does the Liberal Party stand in this debate?

"With a State election coming up in 6 months, it is important that residents hear from Steve Marshall where the Liberal Party sits in this debate. Has the party a policy to protect residents' quality of life or will it become a puppet for developers and State planning bureaucrats? The latter have shown that they are intent on filling every backyard with a cheap unit and lining our main roads with multi-storey blocks of flats above shops on noisy polluted major arterial," she added.

"Our meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th of October next at 7.30 pm (guest speaker at 8.00 pm) at the St. Peters Youth Centre 2 Cornish Street Stepney. The public and press are invited to attend."

Further information: Evonne Moore 8362 1152 or 0437 189 279