Lovely Sandstone Villa to Bite the Dust

"The Development Assessment Panel of the Norwood Payneham and St. Peters Council gave approval to a developer to build three McMansions on the corner of 9th Avenue and Stephen Terrace St. Peters at its meeting on Monday night 17th of February. This approval will require the destruction of a lovely sandstone villa at 73 Stephen Terrace and will be a shocking waste of a character villa which has housed families for several generations", said Ms. Evonne Moore, spokeswoman for the St. Peters Residents Association.

"The demolition of attractive and perfectly sound housing across our suburbs is due to the State government's determination to impose most new housing on established suburbs. The costs of urban infill are rarely discussed but along with over-loaded infrastructure and high housing costs, we have the destruction of good housing and residents' anger and grief at the loss of character in their suburbs.

"The McMansions to be built on the corner of 9th Avenue and Stephen Terrace will have miserly 3-4 metre set-backs from their rear boundaries which means that they will have no room for rear garden trees. Many suburbs are in danger from more frequent heat-waves, as we have just experienced, and State government infill housing policy will ensure that our suburbs become hotter as back-yards are removed and tree cover is slashed," she added.

Further information: Evonne Moore tel 8362 1152