Rau arrogant and dismissive; O'Leary factual and well reasoned

John Rau's arrogance and disdain for people who disagree with him was clear to see in his article "Population growth debate must expand" (The Advertiser 16/4/13). Mr. Rau attacks Kevin O'Leary's articles for your paper as being based not on facts but merely on opinion. I have read many of Mr. O'Leary's articles and they appear to be based on sound facts and sound reasoning.

Mr. Rau claims that the State government has no control over immigration, interstate population movements or birth rates. He appears unaware that our State Labor government has for years lobbied to try to get more overseas migrants and students into Adelaide. It has even secured "regional" status for Adelaide under the federal government's immigration system. This means that any prospective immigrant into Australia can secure extra points on the assessment system by saying they intend to live in Adelaide. The Property Council in this State has recently called on the State government to pursue migrants from economically troubled European countries to spearhead a new burst of immigration into SA. Clearly the Property Council knows something which Mr. Rau doesn't.

Mr. Rau has dismissed concerns that housing people in multi-storey flats on major arterial roads with significant air pollution contributes to disease and health problems. I understand that there is solid international and Australian research which attests to these negative health impacts. In a recent report in the Advertiser, the Australian Medical Association claimed that more people die in Australia from air pollution than from motor vehicle accidents. It would be most unwise of Mr Rau, as Planning Minister, to be pushing ahead with rezoning changes which force local councils to allow generations of Adelaideans to be housed in sub-standard and heavily polluted environments on major arterial roads. We have Kevin O'Leary to thank for publicizing this issue through your newspaper.

Evonne Moore, Spokesperson, St Peters Residents' Association