Minutes of AGM - 22nd March 2023

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the St Peters Residents Association held on Wednesday 22nd March at 7.30pm in the St Peters Banquet Hall.

27 Financial members and 34 other people were in attendance.
Cr Kester Moorhouse, Cr Victoria McFarlane, Cr Christel Mex, Cr Claire Clutterham, Rick Harley, Liz Vines, David Grabowski, Marjorie Kent, Margaret and Warren Scherer
Paul Ensor welcomed everyone indicating that as Acting President he would chair
proceedings until a new President was elected later in the meeting.
Committee Report for 2022 - 2023:
Paul Ensor delivered a committee report (linked) on behalf of the Committee outlining the activities of the Committee during the preceding 12 months.
Financial Report:
David Cree as Treasurer presented his report outlining areas of income and expenditure for the year. Noted that at the end of February, the Association’s closing bank balance was an amount of $1941.36.
Financial report (linked).
A motion was moved to accept the report which was adopted unanimously.
Amendments to the Constitution:
David Cree referred to the existing Constitution and outlined those areas where the Committee is recommending that the Constitution be amended to modernise the wording and provide more flexibility for ongoing operations. A copy of the revised Constitution has been posted on the website for several weeks.
David also explained the reasons for incorporation of Joslin into the areas now represented by the Association.
David referred to the composition of the Committee in the revised draft noting that the draft only provides for 4 Committee members in addition to the 4 office bearers of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. However, additional members have since indicated a desire to be part of the Committee.
Ralph Bleechmore moved, seconded by Andrew Tarka, that an amendment be made to the draft Constitution to vary Clause 7(a) to read “up to eight other members”. This motion was carried by those members present. Evonne Moore moved that the amended Constitution be adopted. Seconded by Matthew Goode, and carried unanimously.
Election of Office Bearers and Committee for 2023:
Matthew Goode as the Returning Officer read out the names of nominees for the following positions, each of whom were approved unanimously by those present.
President – David Cree
Vice President – Evonne Moore
Secretary and Public Officer – Paul Ensor
Treasurer – Anne Bowmen
Additional Committee Members - Andrew Tarca, Matthew Pole, Denise Schumann, Ralph Bleechmore, Angus Redford and Meredith Kaesehagen.
Acceptance Speech:
David Cree delivered a short acceptance speech indicating that he was one of the inaugural founding members of the Association in 1972 and had agreed to stand as President for one year in the expectation that someone a little younger will step up to take the President’s role next year.
He reminded those present that there are still 2 vacancies on the Committee and that he would like to create a few sub Committees to work on issues over the next 12 months.
He said that he is also encouraged by the 5 new members on the Council and believes that this could provide a basis for regeneration and a stronger working relationship between elected members and the Association
Presentation by Denise Schumann:
Following a short break, Denise Schumann delivered a highly entertaining and intriguing talk on “Spies, Secrets, Clandestine Operations and the St Peters Town Hall.”
Close of Meeting:
The meeting closed at approximately 9.10pm.