State Heritage Nomination for Women's Centre at Stepney

The Women's Centre at Stepney has been nominated for the State Heritage List. If successful, this would give this historic cottage and the work of generations of women in it protection from future destruction. It was only a few years back when our Council voted to knock the Women's Centre down. Thankfully this decision was reversed after a huge community back-lash. Submissions on this nomination can be made to the State Heritage Committee up until 30th of October.

Last time this cottage was nominated for State Heritage listing, our Council strongly opposed its listing and we think Council will do this again. Our Association will be working on a submission to support this nomination. If anyone knows anything about the history of the centre we would appreciate any information you can provide. The listing will be considered on social and cultural grounds rather than on architectural merit or history.

Please telephone Evonne on 8362 1152 if you can help.