Marden & Royston Park Traffic Report

The St Peters Residents Association (SPRA) notes that the minutes of the Traffic Management & Road Safety Committee meeting held on 21st February 2023 are included in the agenda for the Council meeting on Monday 6th March 2023 with the recommendation that they be received and noted.

SPRA was pleased to have been allowed to make a verbal presentation to the Committee on the Marden & Royston Park Traffic Management Report.

SPRA supports the Committee decisions, as the treatments proposed will also assist with the issues that are being experienced in the area from Lambert Road to Hackney Road and bounded by the River Torrens and Payneham Road.

The Association fully endorses and supports the views and suggestions contained in the email that you recently received on this matter from The Avenues Community Project. Rather than repeating the contents of that email we have attached a copy for our attention and consideration.