Development Plan

Content that is classified as Development Plan should primarily be concerned with discussing proposed amendments or concerns with the current Development Plan.

Uplift DPA - Public Meeting

"The one and only public hearing for the "uplift" DPA the "Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Growth DPA" is to be held on Tuesday 26th of March at 7.00 pm in the Mayor's Parlour, Norwood Town Hall complex, 175 The Parade Norwood (entrance from George Street). Developers' submissions have dominated the public submission process for this DPA. More information is available on the council website.

All residents are urged to attend this public hearing to lend support to the Norwood Residents Association which has challenged the heights of multi-storey flats proposed for several areas including The Parade, Kent Town and Magill Road.

Notes on the meeting are now available.

20 Storey Flats - SPRA response

"The Urban Development Institute has called for 20-storey flats to be permitted to be built on Dequetteville Terrace. This forms part of the Institute's submission to the Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters Council's Development Plan Amendment "The Parade and Kent Town Strategic Growth DPA". Like all inner suburban councils our Council was required to prepare this by the Minister for Planning's Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

While developers and their representatives such as the Urban Development Institute are agitating for higher height limits, there appears to be insufficient demand for this type of housing in Adelaide at present. The collapse of the 10-storey apartment project on the old Channel 7 site at Gilberton due to lack of interest from investors and others has been a slap in the face for the government and Planning Minister John Rau in particular. The Minister over-rode the Walkerville Council on the height limits for this project and has now ended up with egg on his face.

Public Meeting - Thu 21 Mar 2013

The council are now holding two public meetings to discuss the Development Plan Amendments. The first is Tuesday 5th March at 7pm in Cinema 4 at Hoyts Cinema, Norwood and second is Thursday 21st March in Don Pyatt Hall (behind Norwood Town Hall).

"We urge residents to turn up to both meetings. It is vitally important that we have big turnouts of people to these hearings.
A large crowd of residents will send a strong message to Council and the State government that residents have serious concerns and that their voices must be heard in the planning system, not ignored."

If you have been allocated to speak on 21st March but are unavailable, please contact the council as they will arrange for you to speak on 5th March.

If you previously indicated that you were unavailable to speak at meeting on 5th March, but are available on 21st March, please contact the council directly.

Respond to Development Plan

The St Peters Residents' Association encourages everyone to make a submission in response to the development plan. Public consultation has been extended until the 1st March 2013.

The council website explains how to make a submission. This is a summary of the information:
Submissions should be clearly marked ‘Residential Development (Zones and Policy Areas) DPA’ and sent to:
The Chief Executive Officer
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

2pm Mon 18-Feb: Rally at Parliament House

The Weatherill government is changing Adelaide forever. It is unrolling a 30-year plan which will allow the development of high-rise, high-density buildings around our parklands, along Linear Park, in front of our suburbs, next to our houses. The government says it has considered transit corridors, cars and pollution, but not the people. This is an insult!
Attend a rally at Parliament House
Monday, 18 February, 2-3pm

SPRA submission to Residential DPA

Evonne Moore as spokesperson for the St Peters Residents' Association, submitted a response to Residential Development (Zones and Policy Areas) Development Plan Amendment. The introductory paragraph for each section is below. The full submission expends on this in detail. The submission is one of the many submissions received in response to the plan. On the 5th March 2013, Evonne Moore delivered a verbal submission at the public meeting.

Development Plan Consultation - Extended

On Monday night 4th February the Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters Council voted to extend the public consultation period for the Residential Development (Zones and Policy Areas) Development Plan Amendment until 1st of March. This was in response to the large community back-lash against the lack of adequate public consultation and community concern about multi-storey flats being crammed into residential streets.

“Uplift” rezoning

At the government’s behest, our Council has prepared rezoning plans for parts of The Parade Norwood and Kent Town. Sites have been selected to allow multi-storey dwellings to satisfy the government’s demands and at the same time to try to minimize negative impacts on character housing areas and nearby residents. The Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Growth Development Plan Amendment nominates Dequetteville Terrace and the southern side of North Terrace Kent Town for up to 10-storey flats and parts of The Parade for up to 6-storey mixed use development with flats above shops.