Public Meeting - Thu 21 Mar 2013

The council are now holding two public meetings to discuss the Development Plan Amendments. The first is Tuesday 5th March at 7pm in Cinema 4 at Hoyts Cinema, Norwood and second is Thursday 21st March in Don Pyatt Hall (behind Norwood Town Hall). SPRA encourages everyone to attend both meetings, so that a strong message to the Council and State Government that residents have serious concerns.

"We urge residents to turn up to both meetings. It is vitally important that we have big turnouts of people to these hearings.
A large crowd of residents will send a strong message to Council and the State government that residents have serious concerns and that their voices must be heard in the planning system, not ignored."

If you have been allocated to speak on 21st March but are unavailable, please contact the council as they will arrange for you to speak on 5th March.

If you previously indicated that you were unavailable to speak at meeting on 5th March, but are available on 21st March, please contact the council directly. Opportunity will be provided for others to speak after the registered speakers have finished.

Speaking at Meeting
The understanding of SPRA is that each speaker will be allocated only five minutes. The council website also states that:

The public meeting provides an opportunity for anyone to be heard by the Council or to verbally raise any matter not previously raised in their written submission.

If you have requested the right to speak at the public meeting in your written submission then either yourself or someone else may speak on your behalf.

If you have any questions about how the meeting will be run, the information in How to have your say section on the Council website is brief. You can contact your local councillor or contact the council directly.

Following the first meeting: