Newsletter - 10 March 2013

Residential DPA Public Meeting

Report on 5th March
Over 200 residents packed into a Hoyts Cinema theatre in Norwood on March 5 to tell the Norwood Payneham and St. Peters Council what they thought of Council plans to rezone residential land to allow more dense multi-storey flats to be built. There was a 99.9 per cent total rejection of these proposals," said Evonne Moore, spokeswoman for the St. Peters Residents Association. The website contains more details including the text of the verbal submission and another resident's view of the public meeting, concluding with a message for residents.

Topics covered by residents included a plea to councillors, environmental concerns, traffic fears, lack of consultation, and many personal stories. Contributions to the opinion section of the website are welcome. The Labor member for Hartley, Grace Portolesi gave voice to her constituents' concerns about four storey apartments in Felixstow. The public meeting was covered by Emma Altschwager in AdelaideNow.

Next Public Meeting - Thursday 21st March
SPRA encourages everyone to attend the second public meeting on Thursday 21 March 2013, at 7pm, to be held in the Don Pyatt Hall, Norwood Town Hall. The public meeting provides an opportunity to voice your concerns to the council in a public forum. It is important that as many people as possible attend to send a strong message to the council.

If you previously indicated that you were unavailable to speak at meeting on 5th March, but are available on 21st March, or would like to speak, please contact the council directly. There will be opportunity at the end of the meeting for people not registered to speak.

In the Media
Family First MLC Robert Brokenshire last week asked the Planning Minister the Hon John Rau MP to intervene in the residents’ dispute with the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters, saying they went over the top with two zoning proposals for precincts of St Peters, Joslin and Felixstow adjacent to the River Torrens.

Meanwhile, Planning Minister John Rau has slammed higher density opponents, with statements like "Histrionics about people’s tennis courts being overshadowed by buildings two or three kilometres away – again, not helpful.” SPRA would like to point out that the CBD is two or three kilometers away, and that the Council rezoning will mean high-rise flats being built on the block next door in areas currently zoned Residential One.

SPRA suggests that residents contact Premier Weatherill and ask how Rau's approach fits in with Weatherill's statement that:
"I just think the great majority of people expect a bit more than to just give their governments a tick every three or four years - they expect to be involved in between in the decision-making process."

Ian Henschke has been covering the DPA story in the mornings on ABC 891. On Wednesday 27th February 2013 Spence Denny from ABC 891 visited the St Peters' Billabong and Swinging Bridge to interview local residents including Marianne Frommer from the "Friends of the St Peters Billabong".

Membership - Help Shape Our Local Community
Memberships for 2013 are now due.

We appreciate the support of our members. It ensures continued representation at Council level to protect the things that are special about our locality - low-density living and the generally good amenity.