Our association welcomes contributions from our members and others. While thoughts expressed may not mirror the official views of SPRA, they reflect the wide range of concerns and opinions held by our communities.

A Lack of Consultation

The first concern I would like to speak about tonight that I know many others in this room share is that the council has not consulted in good faith with the residents. If not for the work of the St Peters Residents' Association and especially Evonne Moore, many of us would have only learned about the changes when we looked out our bedroom window and realised that the house next door wasn't stopping at two storeys.

Many in Australia are disillusioned by spin from politicians in State and Federal parliament. I would have hoped that our local council could engage with residents in a constructive, consultative manner. I would urge the council to restart this process by engaging social planners first.

A Stitch In Time Will Save Nine

I attended a public meeting hosted by the NPSP Council on Tuesday evening, the 5th March, regarding the NPSP Rezoning Plans for the Sanitarium Site, the Caravan Park and several other proposed multi-storey sites alongside Linear Park from Hackney to Marden. The residents attending, with many speaking, were singularly united regarding their rejection to all the proposals – in favour of leaving the zones and the locations generally as they already are.