The St Peters Billabong is found on the eastern side of St Peters River Park and forms part of the River Torrens Linear Park. The park also contains the L G Perriam Memorial Oval, barbeques and public toilets.

St Peters Billabong Deputation

The St Peters Billabong is the largest community reserve in the council and is classified as ‘regional open space’. The park is zoned as part of the Linear Park (River Torrens). It is home to many species of native flora and fauna.

Since starting the petition, I have spoken with people of differing viewpoints. leading to more questions than answers. Tonight I will ask some of the most pressing questions.

In 2018, Barrister Ralph Bleechmore, a former St Peters councillor, Vietnam War Veteran and formerly active member of the Friends of the Billabong raised concerns with council about encroachment by houses along the top of the billabong. Thanks to Ralph’s efforts through Freedom of Information requests, 4 reports were released by the council. Reading the agenda tonight I note that it quotes from an unreleased Golder 2020 report. Why has this not been released to Mr Bleechmore?

St Peters Billabong Documents

This page contains documents related to the St Peters Billabong that provide reference information about the St Peters BIllabong which is part of the St Peters River Park.

Many of these documents were first obtained in response to Freedom of Information Requests submitted by Ralph Bleechmore. It is possible that council staff are withholding additional documents that should have been released under the Freedom of Information Requests.

Billabong Encroachment Petition

For several years SPRA have had concerns about encroachments and stability of the north-eastern bank of the billabong in the St Peters River Park. We are particularly concerned at the lack of any effective action by Council to address these concerns. This petition highlights some of those concerns and suggests some of the actions we would like to see taken. Council should proceed with the quantitative geotechnical survey to select an engineering solution that preserves the native flora and fauna.

photograph of bank and egret

History of St Peters River Park

The history provides a wealth of information from prior to European settlement through to the current day.

Denise Schumann, who was previously the Cultural Heritage Advisor, City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters prepared a history of St Peters River Park in 2021. The St Peters Residents Association are pleased to reproduce this content for a wider audience to appreciate.

The document was obtained from council as the result of a Freedom of Information Request. The document has been split into six sections and is also available for download as a PDF

The Real Issues ... No-one Is Discussing!

Dunstan By-Election Forum

The Dunstan By-Election has exposed a weakness in our political system whereby the major political parties Labor, Liberals, and Greens, take for granted that people are happy with the level of political discussion and the strategy adopted by the candidates in this electorate.

A quick perusal of social media in Dunstan sees lots of smiling on The Parade, token red dresses, or bopping with the former premier and gym workouts. Many of us despair at such orchestrated snapshots.