Billabong Encroachment Petition

For several years SPRA have had concerns about encroachments and stability of the north-eastern bank of the billabong in the St Peters River Park. We are particularly concerned at the lack of any effective action by Council to address these concerns. This petition highlights some of those concerns and suggests some of the actions we would like to see taken. Council should proceed with the quantitative geotechnical survey to select an engineering solution that preserves the native flora and fauna.

photograph of bank and egret

Richmond St Traffic

Residents have expressed concern about excessive speed and dangerous driving along Richmond Streeet, Hackney. Richmond Street is extremely narrow, especially on the western end towards Hackney Road. Additionally, the footpaths are quite narrow and are often further restricted by vegetation growing out from the properties, causing pedestrians to step onto the carriageway itself. These footpaths are well used by many of those who use the Adelaide Caravan Park and who walk to and from the City through Botanic Park.

A petition requesting changes to slow traffic can be signed at FIX. Speciality Coffee shop.