Traffic Issues

Traffic management in our suburbs is of significant concern to the St Peters Residents Association (SPRA). The issues of poor driver behaviour, excessive speed, rat running and parking are frequently raised to the committee.

Topics that have been raised recently include:

Council Actions
SPRA supports the suggestions of the "Marden, Royston Park, Joslin & St Peters Traffic Review prepared by Tonkin in 2021" and endorsed by the NPSP Council at it's meeting held on 1 Novemember 2021, however it is noted that the recommendations are yet to be implemented.

The report recommended:

  1. Reducing the speed limit to 40km/h in the residential streets bound by Lower Portrush Road,
    Payneham Road, North Terrace, Hackney Road and the River Torrens
  2. Adding traffic management devices to discourage through traffic along River Street, Beasley Street, Battams Road and Lambert Road.

The "Traffic Management in Marden and Royston Park" was prepared by intermethod and infraPlan" was presented to the Traffic Management & Road Safety Committee meeting held on 21st February 2023. The reports can be foound as attachments to the 21 February 2023 Agenda along with the meeting minutes.