Richmond St Traffic

Residents have expressed concern about excessive speed and dangerous driving along Richmond Streeet, Hackney. Richmond Street is extremely narrow, especially on the western end towards Hackney Road. Additionally, the footpaths are quite narrow and are often further restricted by vegetation growing out from the properties, causing pedestrians to step onto the carriageway itself. These footpaths are well used by many of those who use the Adelaide Caravan Park and who walk to and from the City through Botanic Park.

In addition to the Caravan Park there are always children and others using Twelftree Reserve & playground, the FIX. Speciality Coffee shop on the corner, and going to the Hackney Kindergarten. The street is also a major cyclist entry point into the Torrens Linear Park tracks.

The area has a current speed limit of 50km/h which is much too high for the conditions, and even the proposed reduction to 40km/h will be too high.

Richmond Street is not only a major access/egress point for residents of the area, but it has also always been a favourite route for ‘rat-runners’ who head for Harrow Road or Eighth Avenue.

SPRA is further concerned that the Hackney Hotel development will cause a large increase of vehicles using the local streets in Hackney North, and this will exacerbate the congestion.

In our view these factors together represent a significant risk of death or injury to pedestrians and cyclists using Richmond Road and urgent action to lower this risk is required.

We would like to suggest some actions that Council could take to try to reduce speeds, to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists and to discourage the ‘rat-runners’.

  • Implement the 40km/h zone even before the full study has been undertaken.
  • Install speed humps near Regent Street, Eton Lane and mid-block between Torrens Street and Harrow Road.
  • Install Pedestrian and Cyclist awareness signage at the Hackney Road and the Harrow Road ends of the street.
  • Install Stop signs on Richmond Street at the Torrens Street intersection.
  • Liaise with SAPOL to monitor and police traffic speeds.


In June 2023, Marysia Marchant has created a petition which can be signed at FIX. Speciality Coffee shop, 27 Torrens Street College Park. The petition can be downloaded and signatures collected and returned to Marysia or to FIX. If you would like to find out more, please email

Part 1: The petition of:
The concerned residents and users of Richmond Street, Hackney, on behalf of children,
pedestrians and cyclists.
Part 2: Matter of concern to petitioners:
Speeding/dangerous driving between Torrens Street and Hatswell Street, Hackney
endangering children, pedestrians, cyclists and residents.
This issue has been recognised for years by SA Police, St Peter's College and local residents,
with no action forthcoming.
Proposed 40 kph restrictions will not address the dangerous driving.
Part 3: The petitioners request / submission is that the Council:
Please position speed humps/road narrowing/bike path before the completion of the Botaniq
development which will further exacerbate the current hazards even further.