Consultation: On-street Parking Policy

On-street parking is a topic that can lead to animated discussion, as evidenced by council's proposed removal of parking controls in St Peters.

NPSP Council are consulting on the 'Draft On-street Parking Policy'. The policy is important as it will set the guidelines for which users (e.g. residents, employees, etc.) are prioritised in different regions and how parking controls are implemented. Submissions close on 3 July 2024.

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters manages parking in the local area to balance the needs of a wide range of users including residents, businesses and visitors.

Like many inner city areas, on-street parking within the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is a limited resource, often with competing user requirements and demands.

The Council has developed the On-street Parking Policy to help manage parking requirements.

The majority of suburbs within SPRA's area are classified as 'Residential' which SPRA supports. The Mixed Use Residential precincts around St Peters College and East Adelaide Primary are one exception to this. The second is part of Stepney which is classified as 'Commercial and Light Industrial'.


SPRA are working on a response.

Some questions about the policy to consider are:

  • Council considers the ideal maximum occupancy rate for on-street parking is 85%. Is this too high?
  • Should the policy consider special events (e.g. Adelaide Fringe & WOMAdelaide)?
  • When proposing the removal of parking controls, should the reason for the creation be considered? (e.g. commuter parking)

Facebook Chat

In the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters Residents Group, a chat called On-street Parking Policy has been created. SPRA committee members will be monitoring this for suggestions.