The Real Issues ... No-one Is Discussing!

Dunstan By-Election Forum

The Dunstan By-Election has exposed a weakness in our political system whereby the major political parties Labor, Liberals, and Greens, take for granted that people are happy with the level of political discussion and the strategy adopted by the candidates in this electorate.

A quick perusal of social media in Dunstan sees lots of smiling on The Parade, token red dresses, or bopping with the former premier and gym workouts. Many of us despair at such orchestrated snapshots.

Newsletter - March 2024

The March 2024 newsletter contains the following items:

  • Town Hall Candidate Forum – Dunstan By-Election
  • SPRA Annual General Meeting
  • St Peters Heroes Memorial WW2 Plaque Grant Application
  • Marden & Royston Park Traffic Management Plan
  • Dunstan Adventure Playground
  • Former Transport SA Carpark
  • SA Tree Of The Year Competition 2024
  • Proposed 40km/h Speed Limit in Residential Streets
  • Stolen Waterbird Sculpture - Linde Reserve
  • Council Tree Incentive Program
  • Power Outages Due to Bats

Old Transport SA Car Park History

This article contains background information on Allottment 13 off Holton Court, Joslin which is known as the Transport SA Car Park and is owned by the Commissioner of Highways. The primary source of information are the minutes of meetings of the Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council. For two decades the council have requested multiple times that the car park is included in the River Torrens Linear Park.

The position of SPRA as outlined in the Old Transport SA Car Park GARP Response is consistent with the Council's request to have the car park included within the River Torrens Linear Park.

Tree of the Year Competition 2024

It has been suggested that SPRA should enter a local tree in the 2024 SA Tree of the Year Contest.

The organisers of the competition, 20 Metre Trees (facebook), will open nominations soon.

Do you know of a local tree that should be entered? If so, please contact Evonne Moore and tell her why this tree is important to you. A story and photo will help in the application process. SPRA can assist with this.

Newsletter - December 2023