SPRA Response

Budget 2024-2025 Response

SPRA have significant concerns about the rise in rate revenue and debt position of the council. SPRA would prefer to see council spending cut or deferred rather than rate rises at more than double the rate of inflation.

In our response to the draft of the 2023-2024 budget, SPRA noted concerns about the Payneham Memorial Swimming Pool and the significant increase in council debt represented by the Net Financial Liabilities Ratio (NFLR). Twelve months later the budget of the Payneham Memorial Swimming Pool has tripled to $60 million with the potential to increase further. The NFLR has increased from the previous peak of 117% to 162% and will still be above 130% in 2034.

Ultra Tune LED Advertising Sign Submission

SPRA have submitted a response to the Ultra Tune Advertising Sign Application recommending that approval for the proposed Advertising Hoarding should be refused by the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) as it fails to satisfy the important criteria in the Planning & Design Code, because the billboard:

  • is not compatible nor integrated
  • presents an unreasonable distraction
  • impacts on adjoining residential uses
  • advertising in third-party in nature