Content classified as an issue is typically about a key issue of concern to the SPRA. Some examples of issues are Bell's Plumber's Shop, Linde Reserve, Avenues Shopping Centre.

St Peters Town Hall Renovations

Work is proceeding on the installation of a mezzanine floor into the St. Peters Town Hall to accommodate the library. This is part of a large Council project to renew the St. Peters Civic Centre complex to accommodate a History Centre, move the library into the former Town Hall and allow Radio 3D to move from its Nelson Street premises into the area formerly occupied by the library. Our Association asked Council to consider building side additions to the St. Peters Town Hall rather than inserting a mezzanine floor into it. We were concerned at the loss of the lofty beautiful St.

Bell’s Plumber’s Shop

This State Heritage place on Payneham Road has been allowed to deteriorate into a public eyesore. Attacks on this building in recent years include a mysterious internal explosion and massive graffiti writings on its walls. The State government’s Department of Heritage has the power to fine the owner for neglect of the building. However we understand that the owner has engaged a lawyer to try to have the building removed from the State Heritage list. We are worried that should this owner succeed, it will set a bad example that some others may be tempted to follow.